St. Moritz Art Academy

The St. Moritz Art Academy is an exciting new addition to the rich cultural experience that the St Moritz Art Masters has to offer.
Visitors to the St Moritz Art Masters 2013 will explore the diverse contemporary exhibitions, take the Walk of Art tour, listen to the ‘artists talks’, and maybe have coffee to unwind in the Art Lounge. They will be inspired, challenged and engaged.

The St Moritz Art Academy offers yet another dimension to the festival; the opportunity to practice art while surrounded by the contemporary art of the St Moritz Masters.
The mission is to provide a unique learning experience in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. By inviting some of the exhibiting artists into the classroom; we intend to create a unique open forum for inspiration, teaching, creation and development. Our workshops are open to everyone, and scholarships are offered to those requesting special consideration.

For further information visit us at Opens external link in new or find us on Opens external link in new windowFacebook.  

Three five day workshops 26-30 August 2013;

Collage painting with Donald Baechler, USA.
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Masterplan Painting with Andreas Kopp, Germany.
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Lolek and Bolek- Sculpture/Installation with Kerim Seiler, Switzerland.
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St Moritz Art Masters 2014 - Highlights