Dear friends of St. Moritz Art Masters,

Now is the time of St. Moritz Art Masters 2015
We are delighted that more than 30,000 visitors have enjoyed artworks in the beautiful scenery of the Engadin in 2014 .

This year, from the 21st to the 30th of August 2015,  will reopen the gates to special exhibition venues, create exciting art tours and initiate meetings with artists.

SAVE THE DATE St.Moritz Art Masters 2015

21.August to 30.
August 2015 "MADE IN ITALY"<o:p></o:p> Bonalumi, Bonvicini, Borgonovo, Bozo, Bozzola, Burri, Castellani, Colombara, D’auria, Fontana, Gastel, Golia, Griffa, Lam, Manzoni, Manzù, Marini, Messina, Mondino, Melotti, Pancrazzi, Perez, Pedretti,Pomodoro, Rotella, Salvo, Scheggi, Sella, Trevisani

Fri 21.
Aug Posthaus Lounge

11:00 Press conference
17:00 Official opening

Kind regards,
Monty Shadow